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Introducing the new Payslip

With the changes coming to Courier Partners regarding payouts and taxes, we are introducing a new payslip that will replace the old invoice.

What's the difference between the old invoice and new payslip?

The old invoice only gave you an overview of your total earnings + VAT if you were delivering with Wolt as a company (with CVR). You were then responsible for paying the taxes and AM-Contribution yourself.

As Wolt now withholds and pays your taxes, the new payslip will include a breakdown of your taxes and AM-Contribution. The old invoice did not include the taxes, as you were responsible for paying them yourself.

What's the format of my new payslip?

Your payslip is created by a external payroll company called Zynegy. The format of the payslip is setup for the standard Danish labour market. Therefore the payslip includes spots for both ATP and holiday pay.

As you might already know, you are only employed by Wolt in a tax perspective. Historically, Wolt has not administered holiday pay to courier partners. This won’t change after the decision from the Danish Tax Agency. Therefore these numbers will always be “0” on your payslip.

When and where will I receive my payslip?

You will receive a payslip two times pr month: One for the first payout period (1-15th) and one for the second payout period (16-31st).

You will receive the payslips once each payout period is over.

Your payslip will be sent to your personal E-boks. You won’t it anything on your email – only in your E-boks.

Example of a payslip

*Click the payslip below to open it in full size format, where you are also able to zoom.

1. Your full name and address

2. Personal info

This includes your CPR number, NemKonto as well as the payout period and the date the money should be available on your account.

3. Earnings and tax breakdown

In this section, you’ll find the following:

  1. Courier Referrals – If you referred any people to become a Courier Partners
  2. Customer Tips – If any customer tipped you they will be included here.
  3. Task Earnings – Include all of your earnings made through delivering except your customer tips
  4. AM Income base – This is your total earnings including customer tips, task earnings and referrals, which you have to pay a portion of as AM-Bidrag.
  5. AM contribution – This is 8% of your task earnings + tips
  6. A-tax – This is the total tax you have to pay of your total earnings. You will also see your possible deduction (fradrag) and your withholding percentage. In the example, the Courier uses his Secondary Tax Card, which is why the deduction is 0.

4. Balance

This is a balance, year to date. This means that everything you’ve earned in the year will be visible in total, in this column. You can also see how much labor market contribution (AM-bidrag) and A-tax you have paid year to date.

5. Social Contributions

It’s important to mention that our salary provider Zenegy uses a standard payslip template, therefore social contributions such as: Pension, holiday pay and ATP will appear on the payslip and will show the amount 0. Those are not relevant for you as a partner. 

The reason is that the employee relationship between you as a courier partner and Wolt only applies in a tax perspective, and therefore does not apply to other social contributions.