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How to apply for a DVFA

What is a DVFA Registration Form?

A DVFA Registration Form is the document also known as “Registering som madbud”. It gives you the right to handle and transport food in accordance to danish law. This is therefore necessary to be able to deliver orders with Wolt. You can register for a DVFA Registration Form quickly online via the Danish Food Administration’s website. It’s really simple to apply and receive your DVFA Registration Form to transport food in a matter of minutes.

In practice, your license is a file named “transport-bud-registrering.pdf” that you need to bring with you physically or digitally when delivering. The Danish Food Administration keeps a registry of all food handlers and on very rare occasions, they might ask yo see your license.

Before applying for a DVFA Registration Form

It’s important to keep the following in mind when applying for a DVFA Registration Form on the Veterinary and Food Administrations website: 

1. Be sure to apply for the DVFA Registration Form on behalf of yourself.

2. Please do not state your CPR number or use the name “Wolt” in the DVFA application form.

3. Make sure that you write “Courier Partner + Your full name” in your application under “Business Name”.

4. Note that your DVFA needs to be registered as a private person.

5. You will receive the a file named “transport-bud-registrering.pdf” in your e-mail after registering online.

Guide: Here's how to fill out the DVFA application form!

Watch this guide, and get step-by-step help applying for a DVFA Registration Form

For more info, head to the Danish Food Administration below.

*Note that most of the information on the website unfortunately only is available in Danish.

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