Delivering with Wolt

Wolt’s vision is to be able to deliver all of the products that you can buy in a mall straight to our customers’ doorsteps quickly and easily!
This is not possible without a fleet of courier partners who can pick up the orders and deliver them safely.

As a Wolt courier partner, you are the face of the service and have the responsibility for the orders while you are delivering. You are also your own boss, and get to decide when you want to work, how long, exactly which orders you want to deliver, and much more. The Partner App will guide you through, but you will meet a lot of shop owners, restaurant staff, fellow courier partners, and happy customers on your way!

Read more about what it entails to be a Wolt courier partner here!

As a Wolt courier partner, you can deliver anything from food and groceries to flowers and clothes! Most of the orders you will deliver will be food from restaurants, but over time, more and more products will be introduced to the platform. As we have launched Wolt Market in Denmark, you can expect to get more tasks from them as they expand across Denmark and in size. 

As many as you like!

You are your own boss as a Wolt courier partner, so it is your own decision how many hours you want to deliver. There is no minimum requirement, and you do not have to book or register your hours in advance anywhere. Simply work when you like and take time off whenever you feel like it!

If you would like to optimize your earnings, we recommend that you deliver during our order peaks between 11:00 and 13:00 as well as between 17:00 and 20:00 to optimize your earnings.

The Wolt Support Team is just one click away in your Partner App and always ready to help you if you have any questions while delivering. They can also help answer any general questions you might have regarding your documents, your earnings, your Wolt insurance, or other aspects of your partnership. However, a good place to start is actually right here in this FAQ. 

If you witness or end up in an emergency situation while delivering, please call 112 for medical help or 114 to reach the Danish police. 

Here's what we recommend:

Grab your delivery bag and jump on your bike, in your car, or your mode of transport. Make sure your battery is charged, and even better, have a backup power bank with you. Go to your nearest hotspot (ask support about Copenhagen) which is in the middle of the city or on the main street. Swipe online and get ready to receive an order!

You’ll get a blue notification about a pick-up from a specific venue which you can accept or wait 60 seconds to get a new one. When you accept it, go to the venue and ask for the order. When you have your order in your bag, swipe that you have it and you’ll get a green notification about where to drop it off. If you are on bundled mode, you may get another blue task which you then need to go to pick up. You can use navigation by pressing the map icon in the top right corner of the app - this will automatically take you to the map app with the correct address already entered. When the food has been delivered by the customer's door, and they have grabbed the food, you can mark the order delivered. And then repeat!

By Søndag - Torsdag Fredag - Lørdag
Copenhagen 06:30-24:00 06:30-02:00
Aarhus 06:30-22:00 06:30-24:00
Aalborg 06:30-22:00 06:30-24:00
Odense 07:00-22:00 07:00-24:00
Lyngby-Gentofte 07:00-22:00 07:00-22:00
Esbjerg 09:00-22:00 09:00-22:00
Randers 11:00-22:00 11:00-22:00
Roskilde 09:00-22:00 09:00-23:00
Vejle 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00
Kolding 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00
Hørsholm-Rungsted 11:00-21:00 11:00-21:00
Helsingør 11:00-22:00 11:00-22:00
Horsens 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00
Vestegnen 09:00-22:00 09:00-22:00
Ballerup-Herlev 09:00-22:00 09:00-22:00
Næstved 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00

Being a Wolt Partner

Your main task is to deliver all of the lovely food and products that our customers order straight to their doors!

This entails a responsibility for:

  • A phone and a bike, car, or moped to deliver with
  • Keeping your bag clean for deliveries
  • Having a valid license from the DVFA (i.e. the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration / Fødevarestyrelsen) when delivering
  • Delivering without physical contact, if chosen by the customer
  • Paying your own taxes and creating a company if you earn more than 50.000 DKK in a 12 month period

Read more about the requirements to become a Wolt courier partner here.

Yes, you can. While you are being a Wolt courier partner, you can – whether as an employee or as a self-employed – work and perform tasks for as many other companies as you like, including companies that compete with Wolt. 

You can also – while being online on the Wolt Courier Partner app and performing tasks for Wolt – at the same time perform tasks for other companies, including companies that compete with Wolt.

You can also have your own company that competes with Wolt.

Yes, as it is not necessary that you personally do the deliveries for Wolt, you can appoint one or more substitutes to do deliveries for Wolt on your behalf.  

Your substitute(s) can be a person who is employed by you or an independent contractor acting as your sub-supplier. Your substitute(s) can also be another Wolt courier partner who, when doing deliveries as your substitute, is either employed by you or acts as your sub-supplier.  

In order to use someone as your substitute to do deliveries for Wolt, it is required that your substitute has a valid license from the DVFA (either for him-/herself or covered by yours in case the substitute is your employee) and that your substitute has the right to work in Denmark. Compliance with these requirements must be documented to Wolt.

In order to use your own employee(s) as your substitute(s), it is also required that you have or own a company with a CVR number in the form of either a sole proprietorship (Enkeltmandsvirksomhed) or a limited company (e.g. an ApS company). This requirement must also be documented to Wolt – and depending on the size of your total turnover, this requirement may also apply if you want to appoint a sub-supplier as your substitute.

If you want to appoint one or more substitutes to do deliveries for Wolt on your behalf, please reach out to our support through the chat for submission of documentation for the above requirements and for information on a number of practical issues that need to be handled when using substitutes.

Yes, it is you and only you who decide when you want to do deliveries and for how long you want to do deliveries. As a Wolt courier partner, you are not employed by Wolt. This means that Wolt cannot determine when and for how long you should do deliveries. It also means that even when you are online on the Wolt Courier Partner app, only you decide which tasks to accept. You are not obliged to accept offered tasks. You can check when we are open in the different cities under the ''Delivering with Wolt'' category at the top of the FAQ. 

The task will automatically disappear after 60 seconds if you do not accept it. This will in no way impact whether you will be offered tasks at a later date or what kind of tasks you may be offered at a later date. There will also be no financial or other consequences for you if you do not accept the tasks offered. 

As a Wolt courier partner, you are not employed by Wolt which means that you technically cannot be fired. However, someone from the Wolt team will contact you, if you fail to live up to the procedures stated in your service agreement or receive important feedback from customers or other partners.

Most of these cases are solved through a good conversation, but Wolt can choose to terminate your partnership if you break a serious requirement from your service agreement such as sharing a customer’s personal data, delivering without a valid DVFA license, showing violent/aggressive behavior towards other people while delivering, or stealing food and other items. Luckily, these cases happen very rarely! You can always contact our Support Team if you are in doubt.

You can go on holiday whenever you want! We only ask that you drop off any gear you have borrowed from Wolt if you are not planning to deliver with Wolt again. You can contact Wolt Support if you want to drop off your gear and at the same if you are back and ready to start again. Have an amazing holiday!

Earnings and payment

On average, a Wolt courier partner earns above 160 DKK per hour during the day and 200 DKK per hour during our evening peak between 17:00 and 20:00. However,  your earnings will vary based on how busy the Wolt platform is when you go online, which orders you deliver and how efficient you are.

You can read a lot more about how earnings are calculated and how our payment model works here!

You will receive a fixed base fee of 35 DKK for every order you deliver.
On top of that, you receive a distance fee of 5 DKK if the distance from the restaurant to the customer is more than 500 meters.
For every 250 meters after that, you receive an additional 5 DKK.

During weekends, you also receive an extra weekend bonus for every order picked up between 17:00 and 20:00.
In Copenhagen, this weekend's bonus is 15 DKK per order. In all other cities, it is 10 DKK.

Click here to read more about earnings for Wolt courier partners!

You can see how much you have earned in the Wolt Partner app. Simply head to the menu bar and click "Finances" to see an overview of your earnings. You can also click on "Stats" to see how many orders you delivered in a specific period of time.

You will receive invoices from Wolt for every payout every second week (the 10th and 25th of each month), where your earnings also will be stated.

As a Wolt Courier Partner, your earnings will be accumulated and get paid twice a month.

The payments will be made on the following dates:
Earnings made between the 1st-15th will be paid out no later than the 25th of the same month
Earnings made between the 16th-31st will be paid out no later than the 10th of the following month.

Additionally, you can check your expected payout in the app under ''finances'' and then under ''unpaid'' (please note that this amount may change as it is an estimation).

The courier partners who have the highest average earnings with Wolt know that it's a good idea to go online when the city is busy. The more orders there are to deliver, the higher earnings you can get. At Wolt, we receive most of our orders every day between 17:00 and 20:00. This is what we call the evening peaks. Weekday evenings are good, but if you want to earn more, it's even better to deliver during weekend evenings!

We also experience a small increase in orders during lunchtime between 11:00 and 13:00 - especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

Another thing to look out for is payday! When our customers get paid right at the end of a month, we see a significant rise in our order levels. It's always a good idea to get some deliveries in during a pay week, as the orders levels fall slightly again towards the next payday.

We have many other practical tips and tricks for how to optimise your earnings - read more here!

Wolt customers can choose to leave tips when they place their order. Due to tax regulations, we can only – if tips are to be given through the app – allow the customers to tip before the delivery, which means that the tip is not given based on your personal service. Customers can choose to withdraw their tip after delivery if they felt that they received a bad service but this happens very rarely! Wolt customers can also tip you on delivery, but the tip then has to be paid directly to you and not through the app. You have to pay tax on tips in Denmark.

As the average earnings in Denmark are quite high for service personnel, it is not common to leave a tip at restaurants, and only a few of our Wolt customers choose to tip for delivery. Therefore, you should not count on tips as part of your earnings, but consider them a nice, unexpected bonus!

Every task is measured and paid by straight line distance from the venue's address to the customers. 

Why did we choose to do it like this?

We acknowledge that straight line measuring sometimes leads to a less attractive order since a bridge or blocked road makes the real distance significantly longer. There are however a couple of good reasons why straight line distance is ideal: Firstly, in the long run, it will not influence your earnings. We have tested how courier earnings would change if we used the real distance, and after 30 orders the remuneration is the same. Secondly, using the real distance would be a lot tougher for Wolt's optimizer. This would lead to either the app being slower at processing routes (resulting in wait times) or creating worse proposed routes for both delivery modes. Using a straight line optimizer is fast and finds the most logical routes.

Yes! We have two categories of large orders that result in a bonus of 20 DKK or 40 DKK depending on the size of the order. Although we have these active bonuses now, we are still working on making sure the measures of when these are activated are as fair as possible.

Taxes and administration

Unfortunately, as you are self-employed, Wolt is not able to withhold taxes on your earnings and pay them for you. Therefore you have to declare and pay the taxes yourself. You can see an estimated amount of how much you need to pay from your earnings, on the bottom of your Wolt invoice.

We have made this guide for you, where you can read our recommendations for how to pay your taxes correctly.

Wolt reports your earnings to SKAT (i.e. the Danish Tax Agency) every month, so if you do not pay your taxes, you will get fined for this amount when the fiscal year ends. We suggest that you pay your taxes every month after receiving your payouts, or that you at least put the money aside if you prefer them later on.

As a Wolt courier partner, you are working as a self-employed. This means that you will receive all your earnings as b-income. 

Being paid b-income also means that taxes are not deducted from your earnings automatically. You, therefore, receive your earnings including tax, and you will then have to pay the taxes yourself. We will report your earnings to SKAT every month.

Learn more about how to pay the correct taxes from your b-income here.

You need to create a CVR number if you have earned 50.000 DKK within any 12 month period.
We also recommend you create a CVR number if you already know that you are going to exceed 50.000 DKK in earnings within any 12 month period (average of 4166.67 DKK per month).
Remember that the 12 month period does not reset by the end of the calendar year, but is always calculated as 12 months from today's date. 

Visit SKAT's website for more information about how to register a company here.

However, if you are employed by another Wolt courier partner, you will be able to use the CVR number of the other Wolt courier partner provided that the other Wolt courier partner confirms to Wolt that you are employed by the other Wolt courier partner. In such a situation, Wolt will pay the earnings related to the deliveries performed by you to the other Wolt courier partner and not to you. Please read about substitution under ''Being a Wolt Partner''. 

Visit SKAT's website to create a company and a CVR number here.

Here are our tips for how to register as a company as smoothly as possible:

  • Create the CVR before reaching the 50.000 DKK to avoid having your courier partner profile temporarily disabled.
  • It can take more than 14 business days to receive the CVR, so apply for it in time.
  • Create a sole proprietorship (Enkeltmandsvirksomhed). Such type of company only needs to have one owner and it is free to establish with no requirements for minimum capital sole proprietorship (Enkeltmandsvirksomhed). It is of course totally up to you what type of company you choose to establish, but please know that we only accept companies that are allowed to make more than 50.000 DKK per 12 rolling months (VAT-registered companies). Therefore, we for example don't accept the company type PMV (Personligt ejet Mindre Virksomhed).
  • Check with your bank if you need to establish a business account to receive payments as a company
  • Set the start date of your company in the future - for example on the 1st of the upcoming month.
  • Inform the Wolt Support Team about your CVR number and the start date of your company as soon as possible - or at least before the payment cycle of the start date ends. For example, if it was the 17th of July. You will apply for the CVR number and set the start date to be the 1st of August. You will inform us of the CVR number no later than the 14th of August, for us to correct it before the payment cycle ends on the 15th of August (payment cycles: 1st-15th and 16th-31st). Remember to let us know when the starting date of the company is.

The Wolt Courier Partner app

When you get approved as a Courier Partner and have acquired a thermal bag, you are good to go online.
You simply just swipe online on the front page in the App and you will receive a task depending on your location.

We have a bigger and more detailed guide here that will get you well prepared for a good day.

Yes, you can accept and reject any task!
If you have an incoming task, you can reject it yourself when delivering in Single-Task Mode or simply not accept it when delivering in Bundled Mode where it will disappear after up to 60 seconds. If, after having accepted a task, you change your mind and no longer want to deliver, you can cancel the task. To cancel the task, simply just write to our Support Team via chat and they will fix it for you! If you have picked up the order, it is no longer possible to cancel the task.

Bundled Mode automatically assigns you tasks and may give you multiple orders (up to 3) to deliver simultaneously. Bundled Task Mode changes according to your location and how busy your delivery area is. You can be offered to pick an order up and drop it off right after, to pick up several orders and deliver them in mixed order depending on the optimal route.

You can schedule when you want to go offline in Bundled Task Mode. Bundled Task Mode is automatically the standard mode, and can be changed in ‘’Settings’’ on your Partner App.

Single task mode allows you to accept or reject every order you receive instantly. This means a task will pop up on your screen, and if you accept it, you will go to the venue/restaurant and then directly to the customer. In Single Tasks Mode, you always have the possibility of going offline after completing a task, and when you are waiting for tasks. You can select Single Tasks Mode in ‘’Settings’’ in the Partner App.

Single Tasks Mode means one order at a time, while Bundled Task Mode often means 1-3 orders at a time - both come with their pros and cons. Single Tasks Mode allows maximum flexibility in selecting orders to deliver, and a choice of exactly when to go offline. Bundled Mode maximizes earnings as you can deliver several orders at the same time, but it also requires you to stay focused and keep your head straight. You can switch between them any time in ‘’Settings’’ on your Partner App.

When you are offered a task, it means that you are currently the most optimal courier partner available for that specific task, at that specific moment in time.

If you do not accept the task straight away, which is completely okay, the task will disappear after 60 seconds. 

The map shows your current location, mode of transport, and your next task if you have one. A blue dot means it's a pick-up, and green dot means it's a drop-off.

The partner app has integrated navigation functions that, if you want to, can be used when on a task. By clicking on the navigation icon in the top right of the app, it will automatically insert the customer or venue’s entered address and redirect you to that app. This means that navigation in the app connects automatically to your current task. 

You can change which navigation app you would like to use in settings, under ‘’Navigation app’’. If your chosen navigation app has different modes of transport, you can change that in ‘’Navigation mode’’. Please note that as cities change, and maps are updated, there may be minor errors and mistakes that you may have to consider if you can’t find a specific address.

The app works on all iOS and Android smartphones. 

The following phones can’t run the Wolt Partner App:

  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 30 series
  • Huawei Mate Xs
  • (Huawei) Honor 30 series

And all Huawei devices that appeared on the market after these models. Unfortunately, these devices are no longer running Android or Google services.

If you have any problems with the Partner App, Wolt Support will be there on the chat and help you out. This applies both when you are online and have urgent issues or at any time you need help while you are offline. Making sure the app is updated is also important, and if you wish to see more about it, see ''Tips and Tricks'' further down - you may find the answer you are looking for there. 

For small glitches or a frozen screen, we recommend you restart the app or your phone, if necessary.

You can contact Wolt’s Support Team via the live chat in your Partner App:

1) Open the menu in the Wolt Partner app’s top-left corner, and select ‘Support’

2) Support typically answers within 1 minute in the live chat and is the go-to tool for seeking help/support regarding all things related to live-delivery matters. Support is online most of the day and you can check the exact hours further up in the opening hours tab. 

You can call support if you are in an emergency situation that needs Wolt's attention right away.
The phone number for the Danish courier support team is: +45 89871964

For emergencies related to your or others' health or safety, we encourage you to first call 114 for the Danish police or 112 for medical assistance as they will be able to help you better and quicker than Wolt.

If you would like to change your data, such as personal and bank information, or if you want to change your role from private person/CPR to company/CVR you have to contact Wolt Support Team. 

*Note: If you need to change your bank information, please have it in: IBAN and SWIFT/BIC format.

Gear setup and vehicle types

We offer you the option to purchase gear that is in line with the industry standards in Denmark at a fair price. 

It is completely your choice whether you would like to purchase the Wolt gear or use other gear, including gear from a competitor of Wolt. The thermal bag (with a separate cold container) that you will need to do deliveries must fulfill any applicable food safety requirements.

No, you do not have to use any Wolt gear. You decide what gear you want to use. There is no “dress code” or other requirements for the gear you want to use – except that the delivery bag you use must be a thermal bag (with a separate cold container) that fulfills any applicable food safety requirements. 

You can also use gear with other visible logos than a Wolt logo, including the logo of a competitor of Wolt.

You can continue to use the gear you borrowed from us free of charge. We only ask that you return the gear that you have borrowed when your partnership with us ends.

Note that if you wish to obtain new or additional Wolt gear, it must be purchased.

You can buy the Wolt gear on our webshop. You can reach out to Support through the chat in the app or use the link you received during your onboarding.

All current prices for the gear can be found on our webshop.

If you choose to make a purchase on our webshop, we will make sure to have gear at a reasonable price.

Using the Wolt gear has a number of benefits: 

  • You are ensured that your equipment is compliant and fulfills any applicable food safety requirements.
  • The Wolt gear is tailored to the changing weather conditions in Denmark. 
  • You are easily recognisable by merchants and customers, which makes your deliveries go a lot smoother.

If you need new or additional Wolt Gear you can buy it from our webshop or from another provider.

Yes, you can use a Wolt bag to do deliveries for other companies, including companies that compete with Wolt.

As a Courier Partner, you need a mobile phone (with data and call time), a vehicle and a thermal bag (with a separate cold container) to be ready to do deliveries! You can use any thermal bag as long as it fulfils any applicable food safety requirements. If you wish, you can purchase such a bag for a reasonable price from Wolt.  

If you want to optimize your delivery experience, we recommend getting a power bank and a phone holder so that you can easily and safely check your Partner App on the go without having to pause your flow.

You are responsible for keeping your bag clean according to hygiene measures and food safety standards.

Here are our best tips for how and when to clean your bag:

  1. Wipe with a sponge or a cloth with water and sanitizer at the beginning and at the end of each day you deliver. 
  2. If food is spilled in the bag during your deliveries, clean it immediately with wet wipes or ask the restaurant staff for equipment that will help your cleaning. 

If you would like to read more and see a video guide, click here.

As a Wolt Courier Partner you can deliver with:

  • Bicycle
  • Car
  • Scooter
  • Motorbike
  • e-Vehicles

When you sign up, you register your vehicle type. If you want to switch to another vehicle,  you can always contact our Support Team who can help you! Please note that it's important to be registered correctly for a number of reasons. Vehicle type is regulated so that for example cars don't have to go to restaurants that don't have any parking or are on a walking-only street.

Yes, as a Wolt Courier Partner, you have your own expenses related to delivering with Wolt, which is why our partners have a higher average salary than competitors who are employees of delivery companies. Courier partners who deliver with car have higher average earnings than courier partners by bike, which helps compensate for the additional expenses for fuel and car insurance.

Remember that you are eligible for tax deductions for expenses related to your work as well as for distances you deliver depending on your vehicle type.
Read more about tax deductions at SKAT's website here.

Insurances and fees

If you are delivering by car or motorcycle, you are required by law to have liability insurance for your vehicle. 

We strongly recommend that you have your own insurance aside from the accident insurance that Wolt provides you when delivering. 

You can check out the terms of Wolt’s insurance below here and decide which additional coverage, you might need. Insurance is provided by Collective.

When you are online delivering with Wolt, you are covered by Wolt’s accident- and third-party liability insurance.

This means that you can apply for compensation if you experience injuries like dislocations and fractures from an accident that happened while online. You can also apply for compensation for some medical expenses, hospital stays, serious injuries, and death.

If you accidentally damage someones property while you are driving a motor vehicle, you are instead covered by your own mandatory liability insurance.

You can read the full insurance terms and gain more information about how to contact our insurance company here. 

You can easily file a claim by registering on our insurance platform here and sharing your details with our insurance company. After your submission, an employee from the insurance company will reach out to you within a few days.

No. It is your own responsibility to follow the official traffic and parking rules when delivering with Wolt. If you receive any fines or parking tickets while delivering, it is, therefore, your own responsibility to cover the costs. 

When delivering by bike or scooter, we recommend that you are extra careful not to check your phone while driving, or drive in areas that are restricted to people by foot only.

When delivering by car or motorcycle, we recommend that you are extra careful not to use a hand-held phone and always follow the speed limits for your vehicle. Remember to park legally during pick-ups or drop-offs even if you are just leaving your vehicle for a few minutes.

Wolt does not cover any damages happening to your vehicle while delivering. We recommend that you ensure your bike or get a kasko (comprehensive/all-risk) insurance for your motor vehicle. If the damage is a result of an accident or collision with a third party, their insurance might cover the costs you have related to necessary repairs.

Check out the insurance terms here where you also find information about how to contact Collective Insurance support if in doubt!


We recommend following the official COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions and staying up to date with changes. Make sure to wear a face mask during all pickups, and we recommend also wearing one while dropping off an order. Avoid touching the mask itself too much, instead, put it on by using the elastic bands. Remember to regularly change or disinfect your face mask. 

Use available hand sanitizer and preferably bring one with you when delivering. 

You can read our most recent post about COVID-19 safety measures here.

Documents needed to become a Wolt Courier Partner

IIf you are a citizen (national) of one of the Nordic countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), these are the documents you need to upload in the Partner App in order to start delivering:

1) A copy of the yellow registration page of your DVFA license
You can easily register for a DVFA license online.
In doubt? We have gathered everything you need to know here!

2) A picture or scan of your passport or national ID
If you use your passport, we need to see the hard page of your passport with your picture, nationality, and birthdate on it. If you upload your national ID card, we need to see the page with your picture, nationality, and birthdate as well.

3) If you want to deliver by car or motorcycle, you also need to share a copy of your driver's license
If you are signing up to deliver by bike or scooter, you do not have to upload a driver's license.

You can see all the different types of documents you need in the pictures below:
DVFA, Passport, and Drivers License

If you are not a citizen (national) of an EU/EEA country other than the Nordic countries of Switzerland, these are the documents you need to upload in the Partner App in order to start delivering:

1) A copy of your yellow registration page of your DVFA license
You can easily register for a DVFA license online.
In doubt? We have gathered everything you need to know here!

2) A picture or scan of your passport or national ID
If you use your passport, we need to see the hard page of your passport with your picture, nationality, and birthdate on it. If you upload your national ID card, we need to see the page with your picture, nationality, and birthdate as well.

3) A picture or scan of your EU Residence Document
You have received this as a letter from Siri called "Bevis for registering".

4) If you want to deliver by car or motorcycle, you also need to share a copy of your driver's license
If you are signing up to deliver by bike or scooter, you do not have to upload a driver's license.

You can see all the different types of documents you need in the pictures below:
DVFA, Passport, both sides of the Residence Permit and a Drivers License


If you are not a citizen (national) of an EU/EEA country or of Switzerland, these are the documents you need to upload in the Partner App in order to start delivering:

1) A copy of your yellow registration page of your DVFA license
You can easily register for a DVFA license online.
In doubt? We have gathered everything you need to know here!

2) A picture or scan of your passport
We need to see the hard page of your passport with your picture, nationality, and birthdate on it.

3) A picture or scan of the front and backside of your Danish resicence permit
Please note that we cannot accept residence permit types E, R, and Z due to their work limitations just like we cannot accept applications from anyone on a Working Holiday Visa.

4) If you want to deliver by car or motorcycle, you also need to share a copy of your driver's license
If you are signing up to deliver by bike or scooter, you do not have to upload a driver's license.

You can see all the different types of documents you need in the pictures below:
DVFA, Passport, both sides of the Residence Permit and a Drivers License

Tips and tricks

Our humble recommendations:

  • Simply marking the food picked up when it’s inside the bag is by far the most efficient way of doing it. 
  • Why is this the best? Orders can always be removed from you and sent to another courier if an issue arises. Support will handle that for you. But orders can only be removed before you have marked the order picked up. This means that if you have marked an order picked up but you don’t have it and the restaurant accidentally makes the wrong order or drops it, you can’t be removed from the order and you’ll have to wait for it to be fixed. In extreme cases, support can still help you out here but it’s much more difficult for them.

Mistakes happen every now and then. The Support Team is always there for you in situations like this - just write them and they'll do their best to help with the situation. Remember to take a moment to clean your bag before you keep going.

However, it is important to note that you must indemnify any costs inflicted on Wolt (for example, the cost of ordering new food) as a consequence of the food you are delivering being damaged during delivery without this being due to the restaurant having packed the food in a way that is not suitable when the food is to be delivered.

Orders are distributed by our algorithm. It always aims to optimize efficiency and earnings for you as a courier, while also making sure the customer experience is good. It is doing this by calculating the shortest possible route to complete the order without the order being terribly late. When you receive a task, it means that you are currently the most optimal courier available for that specific task, at that specific moment in time. The optimization has no bias and is not based on order history, and runs 100% automatically. The most reliable way to get orders is to make sure you’re close to the city center.

Here's a few things that will make sure your app is running as smooth as possible:

  • Go to settings

  • Go to Apps

  • Press Apps

  • Search for Wolt

  • Choose Wolt Partner

  • Press Permissions

  • Press Location

  • In "Location access for this app" - press "Allow all the time"

Do you have
Wifi: OFF
Battery Saving: OFF
Location tracking: ON

Having the app open all the time also improves its overall functionality and restarting it can also fix some issues. If none of this helps, contact support and they'll help you out!

Here are some things that you can check to get the app to work as smoothly as possible.

How to turn Location Services on or off for specific apps

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

  2. Make sure that Location Services is on.

  3. Scroll down to find the app.

  4. Tap the app and select an option: Always is what you need for the Wolt Partner App

Do you have
Wifi: OFF
Battery Saving: OFF
Location tracking: ON

Having the app open all the time also improves its overall functionality and restarting it can also help. If it still doesn't work, contact support and they'll help you out!

When it’s raining, Denmark gets a little extra hungry and more orders come in than usual. This means there are better than average earnings opportunities! So if you get your rain gear on, it’s a great time to go out and make the best of the situation. Check our website woltgear.dk for rain pants.

We recommend that you follow this process:

We know it can be really frustrating when a customer has ordered food but isn’t there to collect it when you arrive. The first step is to check their drop-off note to see if they have any special instructions for you. The next step is to call the customer through the app and ask them to help you out so you can get inside and deliver. If they don’t answer the call and a few minutes have passed, write support and they’ll take over getting in touch with the customer and guide you through the process of delivering.

We know that restaurants can be late, mistakes can be made when marking orders ready, and much more. To improve and solve this issue as much as possible, we are in close contact with our restaurant partners and cooperate with them to optimize the accuracy of when orders are ready. We recommend you to check the venue note to see if there’s a procedure to follow, and ask them when the order will be ready while following their guidelines. If needed, contact the support team and they can send you to a new task. Note that waiting times cannot be compensated.

Still looking for an answer?

Then you are always welcome to contact us through the Courier Partner app.