Paying taxes as a Wolt Courier Partner

Do I need to pay taxes as a courier partner?

When you sign your service agreement with Wolt, you accept being responsible for your own tax obligations in accordance with the applicable Danish laws.

Practically, this means that Wolt creates an invoice on behalf of you two times a month listing all orders you have delivered and pays out your full earnings to you.
It is then your responsibility to report your earnings to SKAT via your “forskudsopgørelse” or “årsopgørelse” and choose how you want to pay your taxes.

How do I pay my taxes correctly?

Use your invoices to estimate what you have to pay

When you receive your invoice from Wolt, you will be able to see your total earnings excluding taxes (VAT) as well as the suggested amount you have to pay in taxes based on a standard 40% rate. The picture on your right is an example of a real self-billing invoice sent to a courier partner with the suggested taxation circled in blue.

Bi-weekly payments are recommended

We recommend that you pay your taxes via this link based on the amount stated on your invoice and your personal tax rate. In order to make sure that you pay your taxes correctly, we encourage you to visit SKAT’s website and call SKAT if you have any additional questions.

Under 50.000 DKK

You can earn up to 50.000 DKK on B-indkomst. This means that if you plan to earn more than 4166.00 DKK per month with Wolt for a year or more, we recommend you to register as a private person.

Over 50.000 DKK

If you expect to earn more than 50.000 DKK, you should consider registering as a company. If you are planning to earn more than this amount and deliver Wolt for more than a year, we recommend that you register a company in the States Central Registry of Companies (CVR).