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Learn how to avoid common mistakes when delivering

Which mistakes are specially important and why?

We all depend on each other and the good work we all do, but sometimes mistakes happens. When a customer receives an order where mistakes might have happened, it is expensive and time-consuming for both Wolt, the venues and you. We want to give you the best possible earning opportunities and therefore we have made this post to give you some valid tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

Mixed up, damaged and missing orders and how to prevent those

The best possible way to do that is to bring every order as safe as possible to the customer. It means trying to avoid orders being mixed up, damaged, missing items from the orders, or that the order never arrives to the customer. Below we have gather a few tips and tricks that might help you in the future.

Mixed-up orders

  • Double-check your order before leaving the venue 
  • Confirm with the customer before hand-over
  • If you got two orders or more place them strategically in your bag 

Damaged orders

  • Check the lids on food boxes and drink holders
  • Be aware of bumpy roads and sharp turns
  • Be careful when taking the Wolt bag on and off

Missing items orders

  • Notice if you have to pick up drinks by yourself in the fridge at the restaurant
  • Ask the venue if the order is ready to go
  • Remember to empty the bag completely before leaving the customer

Let's tackle the mistakes together

We want each and every customer to have a pleasant experience ordering food, groceries, and other stuff from the platform. We want to get the  customers to keep using Wolt, which in turn gives more tasks and the highest earning opportunities for all of you. 

We want you to succeed and secure the best performance possible for our operation. As a part of that, it is specified in your Service Agreement that Wolt is entitled to make deductions in situations where the responsibility for the mistake is on the courier. But in the end, this is a common effort, and we are also working closely within the Wolt Support team and with our venue partners to help you avoid mistakes as well.

Emma, Operations Associate in Wolt Denmark

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