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How to get the best co-operation with Wolt Market

Not a long time ago we launched Wolt Market with grocery delivery. Since the beginning we have seen many courier partners waiting for orders outside the stores.

We understand that Wolt Market is an attractive venue to be close to, and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation with us.

Unfortunately, on many occasions too many Courier Partners are waiting outside the stores and this is causing some unwanted disturbance to the neighbours. Without our neighbours on our side, it is going to be difficult to have successful Wolt Markets.

What we ask of you as a valued partner 😊

  • Always adhere to the traffic regulations and when you leave your car/scooter/bike behind please always find a legal parking space – even if it takes a minute longer
  • If you want to wait close by, please avoid gathering – try  a street nearby that has more space 🙏🏼
  • Help make Wolt Market a nice neighbor by avoiding noise, blocking the street, throwing garbage or similar things. After all, you wouldn’t want that outside your own home either 😇💪🏼

Thanks for your hard work & continued co-operation 🌞

Jesper, Operations Specialist in Wolt Denmark

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*Please note that areas described are subject to change.


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    1. Hej Veysel, ja der er pt. ventetid til at blive kurér i Esbjerg. Vi vil række ud til dig så snart du kan komme ud ug levere! Mvh Wolt.

    1. Thanks for the good information you gave, definitely following these things will improve the work and more order.

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