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Improved Courier happiness 😀

We want to share the great results from our latest satisfaction survey!

At Wolt we do courier partner surveys every quarter to keep a finger on the pulse of your satisfaction and preferences.

In the survey we ask our couriers to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 1-5 – and our recent survey shows a score above 4.0 happiness with the overall satisfaction with the partnership. On top of that we have seen a positive development in the last three surveys where your satisfaction has been in an upgoing trend.

We use your feedback to improve our partnership:

  • We analyze and compare the results with the surveys in the past in order to see the development 
  • We look through all of your comments and group them so we know what’s important to you
  • We share your feedback within Wolt and our relevant colleagues from the other teams so they can improve e.g. the collaboration or the Wolt Partner app

More responses give better possibilities for improvements

Almost a third of all active Wolt Courier Partners in Denmark answered the survey. It means a lot to us to get the opinions from an magnificent 1.645 individuals. That is an impressive number and makes the sample size more valuable. And it means that we are among the countries with the highest response rate – thanks for participating once again.

Half of you leave a comment

You have a lot on your heart. This is great! That means that 50% of you not only answer the survey, you also reply and do free text comments with the most important topics for you.

Your comments are about two subjects in particular: the latest app updates and the balance between supply and demand. We are working on improving both.

What you rated highest

We have looked at what you are most satisfied with and the things you like the most are:

  • Freedom when going online
  • Interaction with support and venues

Once again, it has been established that freedom and flexibility are the highest rated aspects of the partnership. Even though it is not a surprise, it is still important for us all to know. It’s quite overwhelming how much you prefer and value flexible work. 

This is also verified by a recent assessment done by external research agencies. It tells us that Wolt courier partners appreciate the flexibility and independence. It is important to you that you can decide yourself when to accept tasks and how long to stay online. You can trust that we listen to your feedback and opinion as a partner – and that we will continue to fight for a free and flexible partnership for you despite other interests in the public debate.

We are extremely excited  to hear that both interaction with Wolt support and our venues partners are among the things you value the most. We are happy to use many resources on Support for in the interests of your own happiness and satisfaction. Same goes for the relationship with the venues, which has been an area with great focus for us. And we are glad to realize the efforts have been positive.

Which topics did you rate lowest?

Among the topics that you are least satisfied about, we find:

  • Waiting time at venues
  • Gear such as the bag, clothing and other equipment 
  • Availability of tasks

We have seen some improvement when it comes to waiting time. Since last time we  have a dedicated team which now has more people dedicated to this. Their one and only focus is looking at venue performance – especially prepping time and their estimates in order to make them more precise. We do understand your frustration, because it is also one of our  highest  priorities in our daily work and future agenda.

Regarding gear, we have recently introduced – and have now transformed to paid equipment. We acknowledge that it raises some questions here in the beginning. In the long run we do this to secure better quality now and in the future. We also needed to do this in order to be fully compliant with our partnership model, so we can make sure we can keep it in the way, that we know that our couriers prefer, for the longest time possible.

Just to give an example of a result of your feedback, we have recently introduced a new feature in the app. It’s an indicator which gives you a better picture of expected demand in order to be more transparent about the availability of tasks.

Instead of just seeing the level of business – “Quiet, Normal and Busy” we released a feature which allows you to see when orders are ticking in based on the past 4 weeks. We call it a busyness indicator. Just swipe up from the bottom of the map in the Wolt Partner app to see the expected demand today.

In this way, it is our hope that you can plan your days ahead and look at when you can expect the platform to be busy in order to maximize your earnings.

Click here to know more about the feature and how it will impact the way you are doing deliveries – and stay tuned for a link to the next satisfaction survey which will go live in December 2022 💙

Jesper, Operations Specialist in Wolt Denmark

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Jesper and team,

    I was curious to see if the same themes occur in this years satisfaction survey if there is one.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Thomas! 👋
      Thanks for asking 🙏
      We do got a new survey coming up just now. To be announced very soon. But you can find the previous one here if you want to read more and see the development:

      You can find one in a Nordic perspective here:

      You can even find one done by an external agency, Voxmeter:

      Enjoy! 💙
      – Jesper from Wolt 🚀

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