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Wolt Partner – Karel: Here’s how I get through winter on a scooter

I have gathered my best suggestions for you in one video

Hey fellow Wolt Courier Partners! Winters are tough on a scooter, but I still believe that a scooter is the vehicle to use for delivering with Wolt. You don’t get as tired as on a bike, and you can park easily everywhere compared to a car. The main issue with scooters is that you sometimes have to sit without moving in the cold wind for long distances while still wanting to stay out to get those earnings.

I’ve been a Wolt Courier Partner through two winters now, so I’ve gathered a lot of different types of gear, and that’s why I hope that everyone can find something useful in my short video. I talk about the necessities, gloves, shoes, and a couple of other things that I use to make sure that I don’t freeze out there while grinding the streets. If I left something out, then please share it with everyone in the comments on this post so we can all be as comfortable as possible. Thanks and see you out there!

Watch my video below👇

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Karel, Courier Partner

My name is Karel, I’m from the Czech Republic and I’ve worked with Wolt on and off since the beginning of June of 2020. 

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