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The Wolt Courier Partner app & algorithm – how it works and why tasks are distributed the way they are

Have you been asking Support for orders?

And have you been wondering how the algorithm really works in reality e.g. in the morning or on a Friday evening? If you are looking for an explanation on how the algorithm assigns tasks – and interested in knowing more. This is a blogpost for you.
This is a huge and complicated subject which we have received a lot of questions and requests about from all of you.

All Wolt orders are assigned to Courier Partners by an algorithm. The algorithm is programmed to assign tasks in the most efficient and optimal way possible by assessing different factors, so our Support team is not giving you these tasks.

The factors that it takes into account:

  • The address of the restaurant from which the order is made
  • The delivery address
  • The locations and different vehicles of our Courier Partners
  • Whether or not a certain Courier Partner is currently delivering a task
  • If it’s a special delivery (large delivery etc.)

When it has assessed the previously mentioned factors, it chooses the most suitable Courier Partner and sends the task forward.

What does this mean in practice?

As you have noticed, the algorithm creates bundles, meaning delivering more than one order at the same time. This is the main reason why you might be waiting for a task outside a restaurant and another Courier Partner comes and picks up the food and you are not getting a task. This might result in you are having one task and some other Courier multiple orders, it is totally possible.

Why are Wolt using this technical setup?

Without bundling like this, you wouldn’t get many double or triple tasks during peak hours. So whenever you are heading somewhere to drop off the food, the algorithm looks like there is another food going in the same direction. I know that sometimes you might feel that it is unfair, or that you are being punished with longer distances or weird routes, but you can trust that you are the best option for that task.

Also if you get a pick up task which is already late, then it is important to start the task and head to the restaurant as soon as possible. We are constantly developing our technical setup and trying to make it more and more smarter 💙

Please keep giving feedback – especially in the quarterly survey where you got the chance to elaborate your thoughts. Hope you have become wiser on this aspect and hopefully answered some of your questions you might have had 🚀

Jesper, Operations Specialist in Wolt Denmark

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*Please note that areas described are subject to change.


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  1. 1) why is not possible to do triple bundles anymore? At least in aalborg. No courier had done a triple bundle in a while.
    2) why is not possible to do bundles when you pick up an order from wolt market?

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