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Monika: Here’s how I use delivering with Wolt to achieve my professional goals

Do you also dream of running your own business one day?

Or perhaps you are an artist who seeks to live a life that allows for being able to live your passion and eventually make a living out of it? Perhaps you are simply one of those people who don’t like a predictable and too stable way of living and want to live a life of discovery and self-realization?

My name is Monika, and I am all of the above! I believe that delivering with Wolt is one of the most perfect and fun ways to achieve one’s professional goals on the side. In this blog post, I’ll give some insights into why – read along! 

Wolt gives me the ability to optimize my time

Working as a Wolt Courier Partner allows me to make the most of my time. That’s why I’m actively choosing to be a self-employed bike courier as my main (or rather secure) income stream to supplement my other business earnings instead of having a regular daytime job.

Time management and productivity can be a very personal thing. Different approaches work for different people, but generally, according to various scientific research and also my own experience, the timing of when to perform specific tasks is super important. In terms of choosing when to work, being a Wolt Courier Partner allows for ultimate flexibility because I can go online and earn money anytime I want.

A common situation is people who have personal passions end up full-time jobs, and come home from work scrambling to find energy and time to work on their personal ventures. Being able to focus on my personal ventures first thing in the morning is one of the key reasons for my choice of delivering with Wolt. I just love starting my mornings by going to a coffee shop to work on my business goals or staying in to create music!

I can earn money while taking my mind off demanding tasks

In the afternoon, after some progress on my own goals is made, I suit up in Wolt’s gear, grab my bike and go to deliver some food. Conveniently, the afternoons and evenings are also when the Wolt earnings usually peak.

Some days going to work for Wolt after already having worked on many other things feels difficult, but usually, it is almost like a form of meditation… It’s because the tasks I usually do in the morning are mentally demanding and delivering for Wolt is not. While biking around the city, listening to music, and meeting smiling customers and restaurant staff, I relax and reflect on the progress I made during the day. I use this time to process things, and sometimes think of solutions to problems and come up with new ideas. In addition to this, physical activity helps me to recharge while at the same releasing stress and negative emotions.

Being a Wolt Partner allows me to make the most of my creativity

Another perk of being a Wolt Courier Partner is the ability to choose any day of the week to fully immerse myself into some type of creative task.

For example, dedicating the whole day to creating new vocal parts for my band’s songs or working on creative aspects of my freelance business. I find such a process very enjoyable, relaxing and productive because this way I easily reach a state that psychologists call “flow state” or “the zone” – a state of complete immersion, energized focus, and full enjoyment of a current moment. There’s something special about knowing that during this single day you will not have to worry about anything else but your creative task. The next day, I can simply go out and deliver food for the whole day!

As my own boss, I never have to miss an opportunity!

Finally, from my experience, another important element to achieving professional goals is making use of opportunities. Professor Richard Wiseman investigated why some people are luckier than others. It turned out that it’s not some magical spell but rather the way people think and behave that makes them lucky. One of these factors is making use of opportunities. Thus, I think to succeed in your professional ventures, it’s very important to make use of the right opportunities.

How is that related to working for Wolt? Being a Wolt Courier Partner allows for almost complete freedom to choose when to work. That means that we can take the complete freedom over opportunities that life presents to us that a person working a regular full-time job with a fixed schedule might have to miss. For example, it could be events and meetings that happen during the daytime. Not to mention the general ability to schedule our weeks in ways we want, in order to make the most of the other opportunities we have.

I hope that these insights were helpful or inspiring to you, as well as to future courier partners who are passionate about achieving their personal professional goals! 

Besides delivering with Wolt, I’m a freelancer in audio and visual media. For more information on what services I can provide, you are more than welcome to contact me on LinkedIn or Instagram! I also sing in an alternative rock band called The Place I Belong. It’s a new project and we’re currently working on our first EP. You can listen to our demos on SoundCloud.

Monika Banyté, Courier Partner

Hi, I’m Monika. I’m 26 and have been working for Wolt part-time for about two and a half years now. During this time I made more than 3500 customers happy and pumped up my leg muscles by having biked over 11 000 kilometers on a regular bike while delivering.
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  1. Hello WOLTWOLRD, yes, in the streets, restaurants, big shopping malls, the big army of Wolt carrying the wolt flags everywhere. everything is great I see the smiles of my friends, this feeling is proud more bigger growing like a snowball rolling everywhere, the expansion of our family, which makes me happy. As described, everyone is happy and running to work. You don’t have to, but you want to work, sometimes even you are hungry, it doesn’t stop you because hey happy employee profile hey really words are not enough, thank you with a blue heart🙏🏻💙🙏🏻. ok so far it’s ok , but we have problems , we have to be objective . The new optional system in the cycle of WOLT, partner, restaurant and customer made things a bit more difficult. While everyone is always waiting for the best and most delicious food order, the system should be better optimized by considering these 4 elements. Health, happiness and abundant earnings to the WOLT family in 2022.💙🙏🏻🥇

  2. Hello
    my cycle is slow and I am buying a scooter and I need money. Hey, can you help me or I can borrow some money from you in the form of a loan.
    Thank you for your help

    1. Hey Mohammad! Thank you for your question. That’s unfortunately not something we can help you with. Kind regards Wolt.

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