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Are you ready for the Christmas holiday and January 1st?

Start planning your online hours during Christmas today!

As a Wolt Partner, we know that you have put in a big effort and climbed a lot of stairs this year. The good news is that you can use the Christmas holiday to take some strategic days off if you like.  Wolt will be closed for deliveries in all cities on December 24 and we will also close early on December 31 so we all get to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

After a short day on the 31st, we hope you will be ready for the biggest day of the year, January 1st! 
Don’t worry, we will let you sleep in a little – cities that usually open early on Saturdays will open at 10:00 and all other cities will open at 11:00 as usual. 

You don’t want to miss out on January 1st!

The first day of 2022 will be the busiest day in the history of Wolt Denmark.  We are celebrating this milestone by offering you the bonus in the history of Wolt Denmark too! We know that January 1st is a day where many simply want to lie under the blanket, but if you get up and deliver, you will be rewarded big time.

Before 17:00 and after 20:00, your bonus will be 20 DKK extra for every drop-off! During our evening peak between 17:00 and 20:00, we will replace your normal weekend bonus with a whopping 30 DKK bonus –  the highest bonus ever seen! 

Because we receive orders throughout the day, we have an extra challenge for you. If you can deliver 15 orders, we will add a 100 DKK bonus to your earnings. The same goes for your 30th order, so there are many reasons to stay online on January 1st! 

We hope that you want to spend the Christmas days with us!

Despite of the cold weather,  the Christmas holiday is a lovely time to deliver with Wolt. During these days, our customers will be extra thankful for your help when they accidentally burn their meal just before their family rings the bell or wake up with a headache and an urgent craving for fast food. 

We know that some of you are far away from your own families but we also want you to know that with Wolt, you are not alone.  The streets will be packed with blue friends and our Support Team is just one click away – even on January 1st where will set their alarms to get up and help you as soon as we open. 

We hope to see you out there! Take good care out there and help us spread the good holiday vibes. 💙

Marie, Operations Specialist in Wolt Denmark

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31 Responses

  1. Can I work full time during holidays ? Please clarify. In which date / time I can’t deliver orders ?

    1. Hi Tanvir! 😊
      You can definitely deliver full time during the Christmas Holiday!
      The only times where you can not deliver are on December 24 (all day), December 31 (after 17:00), and January 1 (before 10:00). If you deliver in Horsens, you can not deliver on December 31st.

      If you are delivering +37 hours/week, we recommend that you spend most of your online hours on our busiest days during the holidays,to get the most out of your time. Those days are:
      – December 27
      – December 28
      – December 29
      – December 30
      – January 1

      Did this help you better?

    1. Hi Santiago.
      We are closed all day on December 24, if that is what you referred to. Your normal weekend bonus will apply as usual on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The only special bonus will be on January 1st and we promise that it will be bigger than your normal weekend bonus. 😉

      Did this answer your question?

  2. About Distances Xmas New year.!!

    Hello is nice we have. Alot of work but.
    How about paying the exact distance on earth and not by air.
    We don’t think is nice and fear you pay the distance from restaurant to customer by air. Drive and bike longer as it is . That’s not fear from your side

    Also are the days you need us with bonus or just normal day pay..

    You were not clear on thta if we have bonus.

    That’s it
    But important I guess is that you should pay us the distance we drive.
    Because we don’t fly right.

    Thank you I hope you understand and merry Xmas.

    Could you actually give an answer to that one please.


    1. I have had those orders across the harbour, that would have been a third of the distance if I had had a boat – or a plane as you suggest. Fortunately that is a rare thing. Mostly the distance traveled on the ground is proportional to the straight line. Some trips are a bit longer and some are a lot longer, but over all it averages out to a value in between.
      There is plenty of stuff to criticize Wolt for. I think waiting time at restaurants is inexcusable as long as we are not compensated for it, for example.

      But, if my impression is true, then there is little point in lobbying for a different payment model, that would be more technical and obscure, without changing anybody’s earnings.

    2. Hi, im a fellow courier, wolt can’t pay or won’t pay anymore than they already does. If they paid you by distance traveled, that would result in a lot higher distance fee, which they can’t give to you since the customer still pays the same and you can’t just ask a higher price from the customer since then he may not even be wolts custommer anymore. They can’t even rework the distance fee so they on average pays the same to you as now but more fairly distributed among each order since the route we travel are different whether we deliver by bike, car or scooter and there can also be road repairings which will cause you to take another route, and when that happens it will cause courriers to complain to Wolt about it and want compensation which will use the support teams time which in turn YOU have to pay for by a lower salary, and YOU would also have to pay for Wolt ApS using Googles maps to calculate the distance traveled and the software engineers/administration to rework their algorithm software, all paid for by you from a lower salary. And what is your point even to begin with? Now let’s say as it is right now you earn 1500kr by the end of the day. Then you want the payment to be more fairly distributed among each order based on the travel distance, but at the end of the day you still earn 1500kr

      Kind regards a fellow courier

  3. The question is: Are the restaurant team do homework??
    Inform the restaurant that day 1 january is the busy day in all year , and the waiting time is longer than normal?
    Are mister Alghoritm ready to provide us correct bundles, not stupid like one chrisrhiania and other Sudhavn?!

    This is the questions.. because last year i spent 2 h only waiting in front of restaurants….

    1. Hi Cosmin!
      The restaurant team has just sent off their information to our restaurant partners so they too can prepare for the holiday and January 1st.
      We will share information about the January 1st bonus soon, which should make it worth your while to deliver on January 1st – even if you should experience some small delays. 2 hours sounds like a very very long wait. Remember that you always can ask our Support Team to unassign you from the task, if you ever have to wait anywhere near that long again. 🙏

    1. Hi Syndhya! 😊
      No, the 30 DKK bonus is an upgrade of the normal weekend bonus, it is instead of – not on top of. 😉

  4. Thanks for the update regarding payment on the first of January. I just browsed my payment history for last year and noticed the payment on the first of January 2021 in my opinion was slightly better, in particular for bikes that usually get the shorter distances. Back then we received a base payment of DKK 70.00 for each delivery in Copenhagen! But the distance fee first kicked in at 1.3km or 1.4km if I recall correctly. Now the extra fee is only DKK 20.00 before 17.00 and DKK 30.00 between 17-20.00. I am aware the distance fee was calculated differently last year, and there wasn’t any bonus for every 15’th delivery, but I still found the high base fee of DKK 70.00 very favorable and hoped it would be some of the same. As I am not sure my earnings would be the same as last year, if this year’s payment model had been applied to last year’s tasks on the first of January. On the positive side, I recall the status indicator informing Copenhagen was busy from 2pm to 22pm, or perhaps even earlier, so there were enough tasks to deliver, and I am sure the situation is the same this year as well.

    1. Hi Kasper. 😊
      You are comparing bonuses between two different payment models (as you mention yourself), which really cannot be compared 1:1. As you highlight, our previous payment model did not compensate fairly for distances driven, and even with smaller distances, your earnings can end up higher as they take shorter time for you and they often get bundled up. 😉 I would not worry about my earnings on January 1st, if I were you! We belive that we have made the best bonus scheme possible and that the extra bonus during peak will bring more partners online and reduce waiting times for all of you, so you get a better experience. 💙 As you say yourself, we are going to be busy all day but our peak is still 17:00 – 20:00 where we need the most people online and therefore also offer the biggest bonus. Thank you for staying with us for this January 1st too – it is much appreciated! 🙏

  5. On the 31.12 our bonus from 17 to 20 will not exist. Could you rise the normal payment from 8 to 17h a bit more? Having in account that we already lost one day (24) of bonus this month?

    1. Hi Maria. I understand your point, but if we offer a bonus on a day or time where we do not receive many orders, we will simply see too many online courier partners which will result in worse earnings for everyone. That’s why it does not work to hand out bonuses when we are not busy. Instead, we have offered a 1000 DKK bonus to everyone who manages to deliver 150 orders between December 17 at 16:00 and December 31 at 17:00. 😊

  6. I made a post on the fb group 5 days ago,which wasn’t approved despite 2 other irrelevant posts being approved the same day, and have been trying to get an answer to my question so I hope this works because it’s been really difficult and it shouldn’t be.

    I’d like some clarification on the bonus for 01/01, please.

    The information says we’ll get extra 20 and 30, for every DROP-OFF but there’s alawyas been confusion about this in the past because we actually y get it for every PICK-UP.

    I think, as couriers, we can agree that getting the bonus per PICK-UP is more convenient. I mean, Wolt even made a change in the app so that it automatically adds the 15kr per pick up Fri-Sun between 17-20, as soon as we mark the order as picked up.

    Can that please be rectified? Or will the bonus on 01/01, indeed, be paid per DROP-OFF? I hope not.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Giorgio! I am sorry for our late reply – some of us here at the office have been on holiday, which is why the questions and posts have been waiting for us to come back to answer. The January 1 bonus is indeed given for every drop-off as it is part of the task fee this time and not a separate bonus. We have chosen to do this because it gives you a better overview of your earnings and because you will receive a bonus all day, so the difference between pick-up and drop-off will not be as big. I hope that this makes sense, otherwise feel free to comment again! 😊

  7. It is a very good and comfortable choice and I wish a good New Year’s Eve for all people wolt☺️ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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