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DVFA: A license to… deliver!

We call it a “DVFA license” but what is it really?

Yellow license, yellow registration form, food license, white receipt  – it has many names, but we call it a DVFA license. While James Bond has a license to kill. Courier Partners will need a license to deliver food.

Imagine this: 

“The setting is set in the foreign country, Denmark. The Ministry has a secret mission for every new agent that ever wishes to exercise their skillset as a Wolt Courier Partner. Their first mission is to obtain a secret service license that will help them deliver on their job, wherever they wish to go. This particular license is later on recognised by the code name: ”DVFA-license”. All the Wolt Partners who were to deliver the food and goods had undergone the toughest training in the country, studied hard by reading the Wolt FAQ, visiting the Ministry’s secret service website and registering for their personal license. They fought, they sweated, they raced the streets in their vehicles through the night, waited by the door and finally – they received their license through encrypted mail. Not only a license .. but a license to deliver!

Okay, maybe not exactly, but did you get my point? It only takes 15 minutes to register yourself for a DVFA license. You can consider it your golden ticket to become a Courier Partner on the Wolt platform. With this license, you can legally deliver food from the restaurant to the final consumer.

Let me try to explain DVFA to you in less than 60 seconds

With the DVFA license in your hand, you are officially allowed by the Ministry (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, DVFA) to transport food and goods. As a Wolt Partner, you should consider yourself as your own food delivery business, which means that you need a similar license to all other businesses handling food.

It also means that you agree to be the one carrying the food safely from the restaurant to the final consumer. Delivering safely means quickly and in a clean bag. In other words, the Ministry wants to ensure that everyone who delivers food, does it safely. That’s it!

We are here to guide you through the DVFA jungle!

My teammates and I often get questions about what a DVFA license really is: “Why do I need it” and “Does it cost money?” It’s a jungle, and your questions help us make better guidelines. 

We have gathered all of the information you need on this page, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team, if you still have an unanswered questions!

Keep calm and apply for the license to deliver. 

Dina from the Operations team

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