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How to choose the right vehicle to increase your earnings

Which vehicle is the optimal for you?

One of the first choices you have to make as a Wolt Courier Partner is to decide which vehicle you want to deliver with. Mostly, people choose the vehicle that is easily available to them from the start, but it might make sense to reconsider your choice, if you want to increase your earnings.  

Depending on how many hours you are online on the Wolt platform and how often you decide to go online your ideal vehicle may vary. Below, each section delves into when it makes sense to be either riding a bike, an e-bike, or a car. 👇 

If you are currently delivering by bike:

Although a regular bike is the cheapest and healthiest vehicle to deliver with, it can be challenging to work as many hours as you aim for due to the physical work you have to put in. 

A good way to increase your hours, efficiency, and your earnings, is to get an electric bike or scooter that takes much of the physical strain off from you when delivering. With more energy to spare, you can deliver faster and increase the amount of  hours you stay online. As such, you can expect your earnings to go up and potentially the cost of acquiring your new vehicle within a reasonable time-period. 

If you are currently delivering by scooter or e-bike:

The speed and versatility of scooters and e-bikes is great and you are already delivering with some of the most efficient vehicles there are as a Wolt Partner! However,  when the rain starts falling and the long distance orders come in, having a car could make your day much easier. The comfort of the car lets you increase your online hours and can reduce the time spent getting from restaurant to customer. This can increase your earnings even more! If you already have access to a car, you can consider use this to deliver during  rainy days!

If you are currently delivering by car:

A car is comfortable to get around town in, but if the weather is good and the parking spaces are hard to find, it might be good to try an e-bike or scooter. On smaller vehicles, you can always park right next to the place you are going, and you’ll get more of fresh air and exercise. When comparing vehicle types, you also have to consider your expenses related to your car such as fuel, insurances and repairs, which might make it worth while for you to test a scooter or an e-bike instead. 

Do your own calculations before switching

Every Courier Partner’s situation is different, so we recommend that you always do your own calculations before making a decision to change vehicle type. 

How many hours a week do you deliver? How much extra do you expect to earn every hour with a new vehicle type? What are your expenses/financial gains related to acquiring and running the new vehicle? 

If a change appears to result in better earnings for you and you want to try out a new vehicle type, you can simply write our Support Team and they will help you change your vehicle in the app right away! 

Remember to ride and drive safely!

Although being fast and efficient is good for earnings optimization, the most important thing is to still travel safely. Read more about how to do that by clicking the button below!

Jens-Kristian from the Operations team

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*Please note that areas described are subject to change.


66 Responses

  1. Hi wolt team. 🤠. Currently i have i bike for delevery. When i earn some money im gonna upgrade to e bike. Thank you. Jon. ✌️.

      1. Hey Basharat! Yes, you just have to ask Wolt Support through the app to switch between car and scooter. Hope this answers your questions. Have a nice day! Kind regards, Christian – Wolt.

  2. Hello wolt team 😊 I currently have a scooter for delivery🛵 and a car 🚙 thank you Regards Reyhan

    1. hello I currently have a car but since I started as a courier in Wolt I am thinking of buying an electric scooter I think it will be more convenient for some deliveries and faster thanks Anelin

  3. Hej med jer .
    jeg kommer til at bruge en scooter.
    jeg håber at i er snart med klar med kontrakten .
    vh Benjamin

    1. I have a normal bike and I’m much more faster like e bike 😀 So I don’t understand
      Your logic
      My medium fast is 30km/h
      My legs battery 100% minimum 4 hours
      Ebike maybe 1,5-2 hours (maybe !!!)
      I don’t need a scooter or ebike to be fast

  4. Hello wolt team 😊 I currently have a scooter for delivery🛵 and a car 🚙 thank you Regards Rodica

  5. Drive of scooter, needs to take Driving theory class or not, or just kommune is give you a license to drive Scooter? Your idea please

    1. We sadly can’t advise in rules regarding vehicles. I would advise you to read about it on Kind regards, Christian – Wolt.

  6. I have electric bike ,I m so excited to starting working for Wolt ,I hope I go online very very soon ,thank you guys,you are doing the best job ever ❤️

  7. Thanks so much .. I think I’ll
    Start on a regular old bike and as soon as I can afford it I’ll probably get an e-Bike..

    Hope to start soon!!! 🙏

    1. Hi Manpreet,
      Sorry for any inconvenience. Could I get you to write Wolt Support in the Wolt Partner app? They will be able to help you out 💙
      Best wishes, Jesper from Wolt Operations Team 🚀

  8. Hi

    Wolt team, I applied for entering as wolt courrier partner many times ago.

    Please consider me and check my application so that I can get it soon.

    I prefer both ebike and scooter.

    1. Hi you!
      If you need inforamtion on onboarding status, please contact Wolt Support in the Wolt Partner app. The support will help you the best way possible 😊

      // Emma, Wolt Operations

    1. Det lyder virkelig godt! Vi glæder os til at når din første levering!

      // Emma, Wolt Operations Team

  9. Hej, jeg er klar til at starte på arbejde, og jeg har mit eget udstyr til arbejdet og en bil også. Jeg er glad for, at du accepterer at starte mit arbejde hos dig, og jeg vil være glad for din tillid til mig.

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