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Guide: How to clean your Wolt bag

As a Wolt Partner, it’s your responsibility to deliver with a clean bag 

Having a clean bag is a must for food safety, good service and for following the requirements mandated by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as part of your DVFA license.  But how do you best clean your bag and how often should it be done?

Short answer: You should clean your bag every time you swipe online!

Only by cleaning your bag after every day of delivery, wiping potential food spills and crumbs out and leaving the bag open to dry can you prevent the growth of bacteria in your bag. 

Watch our short video guide on how to clean your bag! 

The video shows both how to do your daily cleans, how to get rid of sturdy stains as well as how to prepare best for spills on the go. 👇 

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Here’s what you need: 

A few items can get you a long way when it comes to getting your bag nice and clean again!

When delivering

  • Hand sanitiser:
    During a day of deliveries you are in contact with a lot of people and touch a lot of doorhandles. It can be a good idea to use hand-sanitiser frequently to limit the spread of bacteria and clean your hands if you experience a spill.

  • Anti-bacterial wipes:
    Bring a package of anti-bacterial wipes (wet wipes) is a pro tip for how to quickly fix any potential spillage on the go. You don’t want an accident to slow you down during a peak, so we recommend that you always carry a damp cloth or a pack of wet wipes in the side pocket of your Wolt bag. 

After a day of deliveries:

  • Warm water
  • All-purpose Soap
  • Clean rags and a sponge if the bag is dirty on the outside

You can wash the bag as you would was any other sturdy surface in your home, but make sure to wash the handles, zippers and any other part of the bag that is touched frequently. 

After your bag has been cleaned, we recommend that you leave the bag open (or partially open) so that it can air out when not in use. 

Storing your bag: 

Once your bag is clean, it’s important to store it in a place where it will stay clean. An ideal place is well ventilated and dry, safe from animals and pests, and secure so that your bag doesn’t get stolen. 

Jens-Kristian from the Operations team

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