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Putting safety first as a Wolt Partner

Nothing is more important that your safety when delivering

As a Wolt courier, you spend a lot of time on the road and the streets of cities. 
That means that you are more exposed to the risks of the roads and that  it’s extra important for you to prioritise your safety while delivering.

Drive safely no matter how late an order is, or how cold the food is getting.

When delivering hot food to customers, it can be tempting to cross a yellow light or take a shortcut on the sidewalk to save a minute or two on the drop-off. If you find yourself taking these risks, remember that nothing we deliver on Wolt is as valuable or important as your safety. 

There are a few safety precautions you can take that significantly reduces the chances of anything happening

Here are 3 central points to keep in mind!

  1. Show outstanding behavior on the roads
    The greatest  foundation for staying safe, is simply to follow the traffic laws. Do not take risks by crossing a light or driving where it is not permitted.  If you are in a car, check that your parking spot is legal. If on a scooter, make sure to not go on bicycle-only roads. If on a bike, make sure to walk your bike on walking only streets.

  2. Use the Partner App safely at all times: 
    Checking your phone while driving, even for two seconds, puts you and others at great risk. It is also illegal to hold your phone – both while driving cars, scooters and bikes. Instead, make a stop to check the app or, even better, mount your phone on a phone holder. 


  3. Prepare for the weather conditions:
    When the roads are slippery with rain and snow, it can be a good idea to turn corners a little slower that usual. Visibility is also challenged when weather conditions are bad, so make sure to signal clearly and in good time. If you’re driving a car in this weather,  we recommend that you use  winter tires and  keep an extra eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists.
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Watch: Staying safe while biking

We have created a video that takes you through what you need on your bike to have it up to Denmarks safety standards.  It’s not very long, and gives you a lot of great information on how to stay safe as a bicyclist in Denmarks busy cities. 

Enjoy watching and take care out there! 💙

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Jens-Kristian from the Operations team

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