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Szymek: ”Motivating myself as a Courier Partner”

I know full well that one of the hardest parts of doing our job can be putting on the backpack and deciding to go out, so I wanted to give you my tips & tricks on what helps me motivate myself.

Setting Goals

First of all, I think that setting yourself goals goes a long way, for example at the beginning of each month I like to set myself goals I’d like to achieve at work. Those can be either the number of tasks I complete in a month or the money I earn. After you set that goal you should pick out a reward for yourself that you can work towards. Since I’m a bit of a foodie I like to reward myself with an evening at a restaurant so that’s what I’m usually working towards.

After becoming a student I aim to have my monthly earnings between 10k and 12k kroner monthly before tax, so I set myself little goals of earning 3000 DKK every week and then I divide that even further. On weekends I want to earn at least 700 DKK each day and then I divide the rest between two weekdays. That way I can easily stay on top of my budget and it makes my monthly income pretty predictable. After I reach that monthly goal, I reward myself by going out to a new restaurant that I often found by delivering from it!

My creative methods

A different way, that motivates me is treating Wolt like an interactive video game. I like to imagine myself as the main character whose missions are exploring the city, making connections, and delivering products to various customers. It really helps if you have your sound on for some extra immersion. When the Task notification comes – it’s time to go!

It also helps that there are a variety of tasks with new restaurants and shops joining the platform daily, so it’s very interesting to see what order will I get now?

I know that it can also get pretty lonely on the job since all of our interactions are often limited to 30 seconds, so please don’t hesitate to talk to other courier partners. From my experience, they are all so friendly and we can easily relate to each other’s days, laugh at restaurants and share good experiences with clients.

Staying healthy and saying hi

To finish off I’d like to remind you that if you’re delivering with a bike or scooter, your health is more important than delivering when the conditions get dangerous. Deciding to stay in one day can save you from an injury that will stop you from working for days, weeks, or even months so please do remember to stay safe and kind. Say hi if you see me on the streets of Copenhagen and let’s feed all the danish cities together!

Szymek, Courier Partner

“Hey! I’m Szymek, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Poland. I’ve been a Wolt Courier Partner for over a year and in that time I’ve worked both full-time and part-time and served over 1700 happy customers.”
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