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Bundled Task Mode or Single Task Mode?

What does Single Task Mode and Bundled Task Mode even mean?

When you go online, you can choose between “Single Task Mode” or “Bundle Task Mode”.  Sometimes, our algorithm can see, that it is smarter for us to carry more than one order, in the bag at a time.  This is what we call “bundled orders”. By bundling orders, we can deliver to several customers on our route faster than if we carried a single order at the time. 

Here’s how Bundled Task Mode works:

Bundled Task Mode automatically assigns you tasks and may give you multiple orders (up to 3) to deliver simultaneously. The amount of orders you get will depend on your location and how busy it is. Sometimes you will be offered to pick up one order  and drop it off right after. Other times, you might be offered to pick up several orders and delivering them in mixed order depending on the optimal route.

If you don’t want to deliver the order that the app suggests you, you can simply wait 60 seconds and the task will be rejected automatically!

Pros and cons with Bundle Task Mode

Pro: Bundled Task Mode provides the best earning opportunities because you are paid fully for all of your bundled tasks and their distances!

Pro: You can earn more than on Single Tasks Mode with much less effort (kms driven), as you can carry more than one task at the time and thereby save time and fuel!

Con: It can maybe feel a bit more stressful to deliver in Bundled Mode, as a small delay can affect all of the orders in your bag. However, there is no need to worry! The Support Team is ready to help you and unassign orders from you if needed. 

You can also always schedule when you want to go offline or ask Support and they will help you.


How Single Task Mode works:

If you are on Single Task Mode, a task will pop up on your screen, and if you accept it, you will go to the venue and then directly to the customer. This means that you will be offered one order at a time and your trip will then always be: Pick-up an order from venues → Drop off order at the customer and then back to a venue to get a new order. 

Pros and cons with Single Task Mode

Pro: Single Task Mode allows you to easily accept or reject every order you are offered without having to wait 60 seconds. 

Pro: Since you deliver one order at a time, it gives you full control of where you are delivering to and less time pressure, as no chance of mixing up the customer’s orders in your bag.

Con: On the downside, you will miss out on the great earnings that bundled orders can provide as you are less effective when delivering one task at a time.

Feeling ready to make a choice next time you go online?  If not, you can always contact our Support Team for more information about the difference between the two task modes! 💙


Sarah from the Operations Team

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