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Here’s what peak hours can do for your earnings

Peak hours are the times of the day where we receive most orders and we recommend you to go online

You have probably heard it from many times already but this time, I want to explain just how important it is for us to nail the peak hours and why you can earn so much more during peaks. 

First things first, what are Wolt’s peak hours actually? 

We define our peak hours as the two times of the day where we receive significantly more orders from our customers! For us, this is when our customers are hungry for lunch and dinner!

  • Lunch peak: 11:30 – 13:00
  • Dinner peak: 17:00 – 20:00
  • During weekends, our peaks are extra high!

Did you know that earnings are 50% higher during peaks?

Although you are free to swipe online whenever you want, you will quickly discover that you can earn more during peaks.

The reason is that we get most of our orders in a day during peaks!

When we have may online orders at the same time, we have better chances of bundling orders. When you get a bundled order, you earn more and save time and fuel by carrying more than one order in the bag at the time. 

Just like any other service platform, we have to cater to our customers and deliver when they need us 

At Wolt, we are working hard to be able to offer you high earnings all day. 

Have you noticed that we are delivering more flowers, orders from kiosks and  pharmacy products? This is all in an effort to try to generate more orders for you to deliver outside of peaks! 

For now, however, most of our orders are for food and we have to accept that our customers generally get hungry around the same times of the day.

We hope to see you online again soon – perhaps during a peak? 💙

Marie from the Operations team

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