Updates to your payout & taxes

The Danish Tax Authority has changed its previous view on the classification of Wolt Courier Partners and now considers you only as a CPR registered partner and not a partner registred with CVR – and Wolt will handle the hassle with tax administration on your behalf before payout.

That means that, from June 1st 2023, Wolt withholds taxes from the earnings of courier partners made on the Wolt platform in Denmark. This decision only impacts the way the payouts and tax deductions are handled for the Wolt Courier Partners – but your freedom & flexibility remain the same.

Become your own boss

Tired of getting bossed around? Become your own boss! You decide when to work and when to relax. As a courier partner, you can go online and earn whenever you please.

In case you experience any difficulties, the support got you covered! Learn more about how it’s like to be a Wolt Courier Partner right here.

160 DKK per Hour

Do you want to earn more? Deliver more. When driving with Wolt you get full flexibility and the opportunity to increase your earnings by being active in peak hours around dinner time!

In 2021, the average compensation for courier partners driving for Wolt was 160 DKK per hour.

Did we not answer all of your questions?

Then you are always welcome to check out our FAQ page, where we will be able to answer most of your questions.